Lorenz Bausch

Lorenz Bausch
Disciple. Husband. Father.
One-man DevOps Team.

Development & Operations

I'm an experienced PHP backend developer and Linux system engineer with a focus on Laravel and Debian. Automated testing and Continuous Integration is an essential part of my workflow. Sometimes I do frontend-related work as well - even websites. While I have been successfully running a company for over 11 years I also hold a bachelor's degree in computer science from Furtwangen University.

Recent Work

SQLgreyGUI SQLgreyGUI: web interface for SQLgrey, a greylisting implementation for Postfix. Built with Laravel 5.

Laravel CI laravel-ci: Docker Image for running automated software tests of Laravel applications.
Laravel CI Laravel CI

SQLgreyGUI sogo4-debian-packging: Docker based setup for building Debian packages of SOGo 4, an open source groupware.

ejki.de ejki.de: responsive website built with the content management system Contao.


Occasionally, I blog rather technical articles about solutions for problems I encounter throughout my daily work.
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Please write an email to hello@lorenzbausch.de - usually you can expect reply within 24 hours.